Also known as WWW.ORIENTALMOMSCROCHET.COMthis site opened its doors to the  international community on mid-January 2003 and is located in Charleston, South Carolina,  USA. The site provides top-notch crochet items, and  orientalmom's original crochet patterns, along with great customer service - a combination  that can't be beat! 

ORIENTALMOMSCROCHET.COM is a "home-based family business." When we say  that, we mean just that - it's Mom, Dad, and Scott, now a Mechanical Engineer, graduated from Georgia Tech Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, GA. Emilie A.K.A. "Orientalmom" is from the Philippines, a biologist  by profession, former college professor & Realtor, now turned into "jack-of-all-trades." Dad  is another "busy-bee" in the business, (has a fulltime job with the state), keeping Mom  on-track. Dad is the "real manager." And Scott, the "all-around" highly gifted son, is the family's technical consultant. We are, indeed, a home-based family business. Don't forget Boe-G, our furry family member (a puggle doggie, don't call him a dog, please). Boe-G always  warns the CEO when the mailman comes to pick up or deliver the mail. Boe-G has been one of the best blessings that we have. We are simple folks with some talents to share to the world. Keep us in mind for we will be offering more original  crochet designs and other items to cater to those who love the art...Crochet is here to  stay... 

ORIENTALMOMSCROCHET.COM, through its commitment, experience, and expertise, continues to  establish a down-to-earth business relationship with customers that will last a lifetime! 

Emilie McGraw, CEO, Publisher 
Jack McGraw, Distribution and Marketing Manager, USA, Canada & Europe 
Mary Ann Obaldo, Distribution Manager, Philippines-SE Asia 
Scott McGraw, Technical Consultant   


Address: 168 Knightsbridge Drive
North Charleston, SC  29418  United States   
Phone Number: (843) 209-2468   
Email Address: orientalmom@orientalmomscrochet.com  

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About Us 

For questions, contact: orientalmom@orientalmomscrochet.com
or write to: Emilie McGraw
168 Knightsbridge Drive
North Charleston, SC  USA 29418
1 (843) 209-2468
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